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Time Travel

Today, I oil painted for the first time in many months. I had been building layers of acrylic paint on a canvas, playing with textures and different ways to make marks.  I was not feeling inspired by the painting at all, and I had no plan for how to make the painting work. I have never considered myself to be an acrylic painter, and I keep playing with the paints to learn more about them, but this painting was going nowhere. So I used that canvas as a base for the start of an oil painting. So far, I like how the old painting is peeking through the new painting. It gives some interesting depth and textures. Since the old painting was just for play, it feels like starting with a seriously tinted canvas.

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Happy Monday!

It was a wonderful ASLD Summer Art Market weekend! I had so much fun sharing a booth with my friend and fellow printmaker, Rachel Basye. Thank you to all of the folks who made it out to support the fair, and a HUGE thank you to those who came by to see our booth and to purchase something. It is such a great feeling to have my work resonate with someone so much that they want to take it into their home. Thank you, thank you, Patrons, for supporting my art!! I am overwhelmed with gratitude for your encouragement and support.

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To Market! To Market!

Yipeee! It’s Summer Art Market time! There has been a frantic last push to get things ready for the ASLD Summer Art Market coming up this weekend. As of this afternoon, the tent is ready for the opening tomorrow, and I’m starting to feel excited! All week long I have had panic moments over what remained to be done. I’m realizing the panic is a very bad habit that I need to release. I used to leave so much to the very end, but this year, I’ve been more organized. Things are ready. I am learning how to do this better.

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