Artist Statement

When I was a child and teenager, I wanted to be a ballet dancer. I trained for many years toward this goal and focused on it with singular purpose. But as life sometimes turns out, my dreams of a professional dance career were not meant to be. As I turned my focus to a different means of creative expression, I put more attention on visual arts and began making paintings and hand pulled prints. I had always loved to draw and paint, but with this new intention, making art became my dance.

Focusing my discipline on art became an outlet for making new movement patterns. With paint and ink, I can turn and balance, jump and suspend. Capturing the line, the angle, the gesture, or the feeling of a moment have become my passion. I try to embody with paint or ink a visual dialogue that speaks of shapes, a story about light, a variation on pattern and texture, a duet of color and line. I am still dancing, but it is on the canvas or in an etching rather than on a stage. I see now that for me, dance was always leading me to this place.