Happy Monday!

It was a wonderful ASLD Summer Art Market weekend! I had so much fun sharing a booth with my friend and fellow printmaker, Rachel Basye. Thank you to all of the folks who made it out to support the fair, and a HUGE thank you to those who came by to see our booth and to purchase something. It is such a great feeling to have my work resonate with someone so much that they want to take it into their home. Thank you, thank you, Patrons, for supporting my art!! I am overwhelmed with gratitude for your encouragement and support.

Needless to say, I’m still recovering from such a busy weekend. We had glorious weather, but it did feel quite warm on Sunday. Today is a good day for catching up on business tasks and starting a new image to print this week. I am going to make a small embossment image to print some notecards. I’ve been planning to work on this for a few weeks now, and I’m excited to get it going! I also have several other ideas that have been waiting in the wings, and I’m ready to focus.

I was very inspired by seeing such wonderful art all weekend long! It is incredible to see what people are doing in their studios. Seeing some of the same artists at the fair from year to year, I can see growth and depth coming through in their work. That is so exciting. It makes me ready to get back to work myself!

Have a lovely week!