To Market! To Market!

Yipeee! It’s Summer Art Market time! There has been a frantic last push to get things ready for the ASLD Summer Art Market coming up this weekend. As of this afternoon, the tent is ready for the opening tomorrow, and I’m starting to feel excited! All week long I have had panic moments over what remained to be done. I’m realizing the panic is a very bad habit that I need to release. I used to leave so much to the very end, but this year, I’ve been more organized. Things are ready. I am learning how to do this better.

The Summer Art Market is a wonderful event. It is a community art fair, so all of the artists are local and are somehow involved with the Art Students League of Denver. Students, faculty, and members participate in the fair. Since it takes place in the heart of Denver, it also has a homey feel. There will be live music, food, art projects for children, and lots of wonderful art at all price points. It is a good event, and I’m very excited to be participating again after a couple of year’s hiatus. I hope local peeps will make it out and see whassup!

Leading up to the market, I was a little nervous that I did not have enough ‘new work’ to display. Those familiar unwelcome feelings of inadequacy were popping up. But as I’ve been doing inventory and getting things ready, I realized, I have a bunch of new work! It made me feel really good to see all of it ready to be framed or wrapped.

I am also energized and ready to get back to making more art. Monday morning! I have noticed a tendency in myself to get stuck when a show is coming up. As I shift gears from working on images to getting things ready for a show, I stop my regular art practice, and the flow of ideas feels stuck. Seeing all of the new work, I realized the flow of images is right there, ready to be turned to again when I’m ready. I’m anxious to get back to making new stuff starting next week. Such a great feeling! See you at the market!!

Happy Weekend!